McDavid 202 Regular Ice Bag Adjustable Wrap

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McDavid Regular Ice Bag Wrap
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  • Neoprene flap keeps the knee ice bag insulated.
  • 9 inch diameter bag fits every size knee.
  • Convenient and economical. 
  • Can be moved into any position around your knee. 
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The McDavid Regular Ice Bag Wrap #202T is one of the most versatile, convenient products to use for knee injuries.  The product comes with a neoprene wrap that's both durable enough to apply compression day after day to help drive the cold down deep into your knee.  The 9 inch diameter bag is large enough to provide ample coverage around your knee or elbow joint, and can be adjusted to provide ice exactly where the pain is located.  The McDavid Regular Ice Bag Wrap is both economical and effective - simply add ice and screw on the lid to start treatment.  The flap helps to insulate the ice and keep it colder for long periods of time.  This product uses traditional ice instead of chemical filled gels that can cause freezer burns.  Try the original from McDavid and see what a difference a great ice bag for knee pain can make in your life.

McDavid Regular Ice Bag Wrap Features:

  • Convenient and economical, and uses traditional ice instead of messy gels that can leak.
  • Neoprene wrap provides extra insulation to keep the ice inside nice and cold.
  • Tighten the flap for more or less compression to drive the cold deep inside your knee.
  • 9 inch diameter bag - covers the knee and can be moved around inside easily!
  • Easy velcro closures fasten the product in place. 

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  • Arthritis.
  • Strains/sprains.
  • Post-surgical pain.
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Universal - One size fits most

  • Standard neoprene material used in the product's construction.
  • Made in the USA
Coldone back wrap
This is a very good, quality product but I should have read the description a bit closer as the gel insert on this models is stitched in. That's not a big deal to put it back in the freezer to get cold again though. The gel is basically a sheet of individual cells that mold to your lower back, and this sheet is stitched into the wrap. Very good otherwise.
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Wonder product!
I am having knee surgery soon and needed an ice bag. This is a WONDERFUL product - the gel stays cold and frozen for a longer period of time. I am in a lot of pain now and it was hard to get a slippery bag of ice to stay on my knee. Now I just strap on the bag and enjoy! Kudos to you!!
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After a long game of soccer my knees tend to swell up a little which causes some discomfort. And when I get home I like to ice my knees, but the good ol ziplok bags filled with ice were just not cutting it for me. It's just a real inconvenience trying to hold two ice bags on my knees while trying to relax at home - and sometimes it would seem too cold. So I ordered two of these McDavid knee ice bags (they are so awesome) I love that I can sit at home and relax on my couch without having to deal with re-adjusting my ice bags or getting freezer burn. THX DME
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