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McDavid Achilles Tendon Support 436
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The McDavid Achilles Tendon Support #436R disperses repetitive force caused by running, jumping and minor/moderate pain from tendonitis. It features a semi-tubular adjustable buttress design that applies effective, pain-relieving compression to the back of the achilles tendon.  The buttress helps to direct the pressure down into the tendon to shorten the length of the tendon's lever arm thereby reducing localized pain.  The McDavid#436 is made from neoprene for better stretch and overall compression, and wraps around the ankle to stay in place with running and jumping.  Standard hook and loop closures that allow you to adjust the strap for the best fit and comfort.  The McDavid Level 2 Achilles Tendon Support is perfect for mild to moderate tendonitis and fits inside any shoe.

McDavid Achilles Tendon Support Features:

  • Semi-tubular buttress inside neoprene wraps around the ankle.
  • Applies constant pressure.
  • Can be customized for comfort and a precise fit.
  • Hook and loop velcro closure insures quick and easy application.
  • Provides effective pain relief from tendonitis.
  • Fits right and left sides.
  • Available in two sizes - please see our sizing chart tab above for important sizing information.

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The McDavid 436 Level 2 Achilles Tendon Support may be used to treat:

  • Achilles tendonitis.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Follow the measuring instructions below from McDavid to get the correct size achilles tendon support.McDavid Achilles Tendon Support

  •  Standard neoprene material construction.
Strap around the Achilles is comfortable if worn over socks
Fits well inside of shoe, but the strap that goes under the heel usually ends up sliding back behind the heel. Keep in mind that I use this mostly playing softball so this happens while sprinting and running bases. The strap around the Achilles is actually comfortable if it is on over socks, and can be adjusted with the Velcro to whatever is comfortable.
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Works pretty good
I bought this strap and it does work. As many other reviewers have said, the strap is a bit longer than expected when you loop it around the bottom of the foot. It's okay for me because I don't wear it that much and only if i need it.
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No need for the bootom strap
received the LG strap. It had two split adjacent soft rubber cylinders
attached to the horizontal strap, with the Round Surface of the Cylinders
pressing onto the lower achilles tendon insertion. I found it comfortable.
However the vertical loop that goes under the heel is not necessary, also
not adjustable, so I cut it off. Now I just position the horizontal band
at the back of my ankle, just above the malleolus area. The soft cylinders
press on the achilles tendon, and help with my plantar fascitis.

At the same time I wear this simple band across my foot, at the arch.
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Relieved my pain after a few wears.
I started running after taking 7 months off for ligament damage to the top of my foot. After a few treadmill runs, I started getting achilles tendon pain, which I guess was due to the fact that I hadn’t stretched it much while wearing a boot and nursing the other injury. So, I ordered this, which gives great achilles support, and now I’ve been running for two solid weeks, pain-free. It’s easy to put on and hold up well in the washing machine. It’s easy to adjust just where along the tendon the pressure is applied by adjusting the effective length of the strap that goes under the heal. The amount of pressure is adjusted using the ankle strap. Another solid product from McDavid. I highly recommend.
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