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Hely Weber Universal Matt Strap #3709

Hely & Weber SKU: Hely3709
$28.99 $24.15
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Short Description

Hely Weber Universal Matt Strap can be trimmed for the correct length. Non-slip spectron buttress provides effective compression without slipping. Ideal for use on your arm and knee. One size fits all.

Hely Weber Universal Matt Strap #3709

$28.99 $24.15

The Hely Weber Universal Matt Strap #3709 is a universal-sized neoprene model that provides compression and pain relief through a non-slip Spectron pillow that is placed over the injured area - perfect for knee AND elbow injuries. The Universal Matt Strap reduces stress on the injured tendon to allow for full healing. This model comes in one standard length - you cut it down to customize it according to the circumference of your forearm or knee. There's no need to worry about which size to purchase with this model, especially for those on the borderline of sizes like with the regular #3704 version.  The D ring on this model is attached to a velcro compatible closure strip that can be moved and reattached to the desired position.  The Universal Matt Strap provides the same function as the regular version, and uses the same materials - customize its length to your needs!

Hely Weber Universal Matt Strap Features:

  • Ideal for arm, knee, lateral/medial epicondylitis and patella tendonitis.
  • Unique movable loop pod and trimmable strap offers custom sizing and fitting. Simply trim off the excess material.
  • Universal Matt Strap has the same non-slip Spectron buttress and neoprene strap material as the sized Matt Strap model. The D ring is adjustable and this one can be trimmed for an exact fit.
  • One size fits circumference 7 - 20 inches.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L2999

Hely Weber Universal Matt Strap may be used to treat:

  • All tendonitis - knee or elbow.