Hely Weber Knapp Universal Hinged Knee Orthosis Brace #3659, 3659HH

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Hely Weber Knapp Universal Hinged Knee Orthosis #3659, 3659HH
3659, 3659HH
Hely Weber Authorized


  • Provides ligament support and protection.
  • Comes with your choice of hinge type.
  • A great wraparound design with the highest grade neoprene.
  • Fits 12" - 20" circumference with one brace.
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The Hely & Weber Knapp Universal Hinged Knee Orthosis #3659, 3659HH, 3659ROM provides fully adjustable ligament support in a one size fits all design.  The brace features a two panel design with velcro closures for adjusting the brace circumference to fit small to large shaped knees.  The second panel simply attaches to the base panel to provide a customized fit.  Extra material left over from fitting can easily be trimmed off with scissors. The inside has added condyle padding where the hinge joints fit against the sides of the knee for enhanced comfort.  The Hely Weber Universal Hinged Knee Orthosis model is a 12" length brace and is available with three styles of hinges: the #3659 model has standard bi-axial hinges that provide great medial/lateral ligament protection; model #3659HH has a heavier aluminum, bi-axial hinge for greater side impact protection for athletic use. The Hely & Weber Kapp Universal Hinged Knee Brace provides a fully adjustable fit with your choice of hinges for customizing your level of knee protection.

Hely Weber Knapp Universal Hinged Knee Orthosis/Brace #3659, 3659HH Features:

  • Neoprene material for warmth and compression.
  • 2 Panel neoprene design offers unlimited customization possibilities.
  • Fits a knee circumference from 12" - 20" - see sizing chart tab.
  • Covered hinges are ideal for active sports competition.
  • Condyle pads aid in comfort.
  • Universal sizing.
  • 12" length.
  • The second panel simply attaches to the base, allowing the patient to be measured and fitted in the same visit.
  • Excess material can be trimmed with scissors as necessary.
  • Fits right and left sides.

Available Version: Reference below when ordering hinge type from the pulldown menu.

  • Standard hinge (model #3659): provides great support with a standard thickness, aluminum, bi-axial hinge.
  • Heavy hinge (model #3659HH): provides added medial/lateral protection from side impact in athletics.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1820 standard & heavy hinge


The Hely Weber Knapp Universal Knee Orthosis/Brace is often used to treat:

  • Grade I/II/III MCL/LCL sprains.
  • Return to sports participation.
  • Prophylactic knee protection.
  • Rehabilitation following post-surgical procedures.
Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Hely Weber Knapp Universal Hinged Knee Orthosis #3659, 3659HH


The Hely Weber Knapp Universal Knee Brace features a proprietary blend of neoprene infused with rubber to create a material with greater stretch and rebound characteristics. This results in greater performance and durability with daily use.  An old world mauser stitching technique is used whereby the stitch is passed all the way down into and past the neoprene before being pulled back through thus creating a stronger and more durable stitch.  Melco tape is then applied over the top of the seam with a heat gun to create a seam that's softer against the skin.  Finally, a bead of silicone is applied by hand to the ends of the seam to prevent the stitch from unraveling.  No other manufacturer goes to such lengths to produce products that provide orthopedic quality performance and durability.

A ggod brace that fits every size leg
I love that this is completely adjustable. I can make it fit perfectly according to the shape of my knee.
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