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Lohmann & Rauscher epX Calf Support

Lohmann and Rauscher SKU: 6390*
$21.99 $17.99
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Short Description

  • Shortened length for comfort.
  • Breathable - wicks perspiration away from the skin.
  • Aka Powertex calf support from Innovation Sports, and Active Sura.

Lohmann & Rauscher epX Calf Support

$21.99 $17.99

The epX Calf Support provides neoprene-free compression in a 9" length model for treating muscle strains, shin splints, and contusions.  It features a thin three layer laminant material that has a warming effect on and relieves pressure on the calf muscles.  It delivers greater compression while pulling perspiration away from your skin for faster evaporation. The epX calf support is a favorite of athletes who are used to using athletic tape for addressing shin splint injuries for greater compression than what's supplied by typical products is required.  It features an anti-slip coating on the inside the creates micro spotted nubs to grab onto your leg better to prevent migrating out of place.  The epX calf sleeve is specifically manufactured with a more contoured cut for greater comfort and a more precise fit.  For great performance in a shorter length style, the epX calf support offers premium performance and effective compression that's hard to beat.

epX Calf Sleeve Features:

  • Hypoallergenic material is thin, lightweight, and complete breathable.
  • Wicks perspiration to the outside for fast, effective evaporation.
  • 9" length design.
  • Manufactured with a contoured cut instead of a straight looking seam for a better fit around your calf.
  • Anti-slip coating on the upper part of the support prevents the epX calf support from sliding down during activity.
  • Fits right and left sides.
  • Available in five sizes - please see our sizing chart tab for important measurement instructions.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: None

The epX calf sleeve can be used for:

  • Shin splints.
  • Lower leg compression.
  • Support for the calf muscles.
  • Mild to moderate calf sprains and strains.
  • Overstretching.
  • Muscle fiber tears.