Electronic Muscle Stimulator

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Electronic Muscle Stimulator


  • Provides effective muscle contraction/relaxation therapy.
  • Prevents or retards disuse atrophy, re-educates muscles following orthopedic surgery/joint replacement, encourages proper gait training, and reduces muscle spasms.
  • Easy set-up guide included.


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The Electronic Muscle Stimulator uses a low voltage to target motor nerves (responsible for muscle movements) to cause a specific muscle contraction. Contraction/relaxation of muscles effectively treats a variety of musculoskeletal and vascular conditions.  This electronic muscle stimulator differs from other types of units; its stimulation is designed to prevent or retard disuse atrophy, facilitate strengthening programs, re-educate muscles following orthopedic surgery/joint replacement, encourage proper gait training, retard shoulder subluxation, and reduce muscle spasms from chronic pain syndromes.  The liquid crystal display clearly shows the stimulating mode/pulse width/pulse rate and displays the timer. The electronic muscle stimulator comes complete with a portable carrying case, battery clip, 9 volt battery, and an easy to follow set up guide.

Electronic Muscle Stimulator Features:

  • Provides effective muscle contractions.
  • Comes with carry case, 4 2x2 electrodes, 9 volt battery, and instruction guide>
  • For use on all major muscle groups.
  • Allows for flexibility with electrode placement - not made with integrated wraps like competitor's products.
  • Should not be used by individuals with pacemakers and defibrillators.

NOTE: These units are approved by the FDA. The FDA authorization number for these units is K002336

Recommend Manufacturer HCPC: E0730


 Musculoskeletal and vascular conditions

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Electronic Muscle Stimulator Technical Specifications:

  • Channel: dual, isolated between channels.
  • Output waveform: asymmetric square pulse.
  • Amplitude: adjustable 0-80 MA, peak @ 500 ohm each channel.
  • Pulse Rate: adjustable 2-120 Hz.
  • Pulse Width: adjustable 50-260 us.
  • Cycle on Time: adjustable 1-30 seconds.
  • Cycle off Time: adjustable 1-45 seconds.
  • Mode: Synchronous, Constant and Alternate.
  • Battery: one 9 volt

Electronic Muscle Stimulator Mode Functions:

  • Synchronous (S) - The pulses of Channel 1 and Channel 2 are synchronous. While Channel 1 is activated, Channel 2 will be activated simultaneously. The pulses active and inactive duration is controlled by ON TIME and OFF TIME.
  • Constant (C) - Both Channel 1 and Channel 2 are continuous pulses under an adjustable pulse rate. The functions of ON TIME, OFF TIME and RAMP are all disabled.
  • Alternate (A) - The pulses of Channel 1 and Channel 2 are Alternative. When Channel 1 is activated, Channel 2 will be inactivated and vice versa.
4my knee rehab
After my knee injury, I got one of these during rehab. I like the fact that its really sensitive to my adjustments so that I can gradually turn it up and actually feel my muscles contract and tighten. This has been a good addition to the therapy plan that my PT designed.
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