DuroMed TheraBeads Standard Pack

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DuroMed TheraBeads Standard Pack
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  • Rejuvenating moist heat for soothing relief.
  • Heat in the microwave and enjoy!
  • Easily drapes over the joint that is aching.
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DuroMed TheraBeads Standard Pack provides moist heat for arthritis or sore muscles, and release effective heat without the need for water or the use of electricity. They deliver microwaveable moist heat that penetrates deep into the area for therapeutic pain relief and can be used for 30 minutes or more without burning the skin. Say goodbye to old-style hot water bottles and step up to the more efficient DuroMed TheraBeads. The standard pack is ideal for the shoulders, knees or back.

DuroMed TheraBeads Features:

  • Hydroscopic beads capture moisture that is released when heated in the microwave.
  • Durable fabric cover so it can be microwaved repeatedly.
  • They rejuvenate  themselves afterward and can be used indefinitely with proper care. 
  • Therapeutic pain relief for arthritis and sore muscles.
  • 9" x 12"
  • Arthritis
  • Sore muscles
  • Strains/sprains
Sizing chart
  • Each pack is 9 x 12 inches and can easily be used for the back, knee or shoulder.
  • Made in China.
  • Standard pack comes in a clear polybag.
Beads remain hot longer than my last one
The beads in this pack stay hotter for longer compared to the one I bought off Amazon. Good quality.
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Highly recommend
We purchased this over 3 years ago and use it on a regular basis on ourselves, our athletic kids, and our own aging parents. We ordered another to have on hand.
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Wonderful product!
I had one of these and always wished for another one because I have RA and fibromyalgia and have lots of aches and pains. They help tremendously.
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Works well for my lower back.
I have used the TheraBeads Standard Pack moist heat pack for the past 20+ years for my lower back. I bought a new one this year due to a small tear in my original pack. 2 minutes in the microwave and it provides me a 20 minute moist heat treatment. When I was an athletic trainer in college we used a hot whirl pool tub for these kinds of problems. The heat pack works almost as well and is much easier to use.
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Easy to use and effective
This pad is the easiest for people to use. I have arthritis inmy back and I use the standard size pack a couple of times a day. It lasts and is not expensive to use. It stays warmth for a good 40 minutes. Well worth the money.
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Great Product
The TheraBead packs are a life saver. I have been using them for many years. I have a chronic lower back condition that causes severe aching in my lower back and legs. The TheraBead packs alleviate some of the aching and allow me to use less medication than I would use if I didn't have the TheraBead packs. TheraBeads are better than a heating pad because they are moist heat.
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Excellent therabeads!
I own two therabeads packs which I use for aching back and legs quite often. I bought them at a pharmacy long ago but they no longer carry the product (sad), so I went on-line to you. The reason? My 94 year old uncle was complaining about his aches and pains. I had it sent to him and he responded that he used it right away and got instant relief. Thank you, thank you!
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Reliable shipping/Excellent Service
Therabeads pack soothes my ackhing lower back. I was unable to find the product in stores, so was delighted to order direct.
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As advertised
This product is just as advertised on line. It was an extra one. The quality is as good as the previous one I had. The price was well within reason.
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Glad I found these.
I have been using these moist heat pads for about nine years. I am
glad I found replacements.
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When I under went physical therapy, the hot packs were amazing. Therabeads provide the same kind of relief and relaxation for me, but I get to use them whenever I want to, and in the privacy of my own home! It's simple and safe - I don't see why anyone should suffer from arthritis pain or stiffness when such a low-cost, effective product like this exists.
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