DuroMed TheraBeads Cervical Professional Pack

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DuroMed TheraBeads Cervical Professional Pack
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  • Contoured for moist heat therapy for the neck.
  • Color-coded strip indicates actual temperature of the pad.
  • Long-life fabric for durability.
  • Microwave and use - no need for water or to be plugged in.

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DuroMed TheraBeads Cervical Professional Pack provides moist heat for an aching neck due to arthritis or sore muscles. The microwaveable moist heat penetrates deep into the neck area for therapeutic pain relief and can be used for 30 minutes or more without burning the skin. The DuroMed TheraBeads Cervical Professional Pack is preferred by clinics, hospitals and rest homes due to its color-coded zone strip that indicates the temperature range. It is more safe than other styles that can get too hot for delicate geriatric skin. Say goodbye to old-style hot water bottles and step up to the more efficient DuroMed TheraBeads.

DuroMed TheraBeads Cervical Professional Pack Features:

  • Thermometer-type device indicates temperature for safe use on delicate, sensitive skin.
  • Hydroscopic beads capture moisture released when microwaved.
  • Durable fabric cover allows it to be used repeatedly.
  • Therapeutic pain relief for arthritis and sore muscles.

The DuroMed TheraBeads Cervical Professional Pack can be used for:

  • Arthritis.
  • Muscle soreness in the neck.
  • Stiff neck.
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DuroMed TheraBeads Cervical Professional Pack

  • Made in China.
  • SKU 616-7105-9710
Great service, great product
The cervical professional pack was just what I was looking for with the temperature guage on the back. Thanks for the fast delivery
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Sweet relief
My chronic neck pain had been an issue for so many years. I have tried numerous products and this one does the trick. It provides instant relief from the pain and soothes my muscles. Its handy that it comes with a temperature gauge to let me know exactly how hot the product gets. I told my doctor about this product and now he recommends it to all his patients.
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