Donjoy Wrist Wraps

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Donjoy Wrist Wraps
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  • Provides support and prevents wrist hyperextension.
  • Great for sports and work activities.
  • Can be subjected to water.
  • Easy to use hook and loop closure strapping.
  • Donjoy Wrist Wraps are sold individually.
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Donjoy Wrist Wraps limit excessive wrist motion in a single direction and can be used for work-related activities and sports as well.  Place them on the side of your wrist  where the desired limitation of motion in one direction is required such as extension, flexion, ulnar or radial deviation.  They're ideal for sports-related and job-related injuries allowing freedom of the hand movements instead of splinting of both the hand and wrist.  Donjoy Wrist Wraps can be used for the sport of diving, for football (linemen), for prophylactic use, as well as, jobs requiring repetitive hand/wrist movement.  This is marketed individually and is sold as a single unit.

Donjoy Wrist Wraps Features:

  • Neoprene inner lining for comfort.against your skin.
  • Interchangeable foam inserts for variable support.
  • Keeps the wrist aligned, and prevents hyperextension of the wrist.
  • Woven nylon outer shell for durability and rigidity.
  • Opposing straps wrap around and attach by way of hook and loop closures to limit rotation of the brace.
  • Fits right and left sides.
  • Sold individually.

Available Colors: Black

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3999


Donjoy Wrist Wraps may be used for work activities and/or athletics where limiting wrist movement in a single direction is required.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Fits right or left side.

Donjoy Wrist Wraps sizing 

 Size  Circumference
 Small  5 - 6" (12.75 - 15.25 cm)
 Medium  6 - 7" (15.25 - 17.75 cm)
 Large  7 - 8" (17.75 - 20.25 cm)
  • Contains neoprene material in the lining and nylon material in the semi-rigid shell.
Donjoy Wrist Wraps for Tennis
I use these for playing tennis and I can play with them on. They help my arthritis pain yet they allow some wrist movement. Pretty well padded underneath.
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Good Support for Football
I'm a lineman and i use these for football practice. They keep your wrists straight and protect pretty well. The wrist wraps last for a season and then you just get a new pair.
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Great for Diving
I use the wrist wraps for diving - they keep my wrists perfectly straight during my entry. Very lightweight and low cost.
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