Donjoy OA Adjuster Knee Brace

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Donjoy OA Adjuster Knee Brace
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  • DISCONTINUED ITEM - Please Click Donjoy OA Adjuster 3 to see the new replacement.
  • Provides adjustable, customized unloading of your knee. 
  • Relieves uni-compartmental OA pain.
  • Easy to fit and adjust. 
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The Donjoy OA Adjuster Knee Brace is an arthritis knee brace that is clinically proven to off-load the knee and improve pain and stability while walking.  It's ideally suited for active adults with moderate to severe osteoarthritis on one side of the knee (uni-compartmental OA). The brace can reduce stress on the knee and help patients maintain their everyday activities. The OA Adjuster is made out of lightweight 2021 aluminum to provide the strength needed to impart three points of unloading to help reduce pain.  The OA Adjuster's unloading capability is easily controlled by adjusting the hinge with the provided hand-held tool (pictured below).   This is a great brace for use with work activities, sports, and just everyday walking.

Donjoy OA Adjuster Features:

  • Commended for Ease-of-Use by the Arthritis Foundation.
  • Easy to adjust the amount of unloading  - just a twist of the hand using the adjustment tool.
  • Shifts compressive knee joint forces way from the affected side of the knee.
  • Universal "key" allows you to make controlled load adjustment to meet your daily needs.
  • Swooping Thigh and Calf cuffs accommodate to different size thigh and lower leg shapes.
  • Swiveling D-rings help the straps always stay in the correct place when your leg moves.
  • Floating hinges allow a contoured fit with a double upright design.
  • Flexion and extension control.
  • Lightweight (21 oz.), aircraft grade aluminum frame (0.100" thick) - can be worn under clothes.
  • Anti-Migration Band anchors on the upper calf.
  • Features the 4-Points of Leverage design pioneered by Donjoy.
  • Provides ligament stability in addition to relieving your pain.
  • 7 sizes and 1 length (14.5") to fit every individual - see sizing chart tab.
  • 1 year warranty on frame and hinges.
  • 6 month warranty on soft goods (pads and straps).
  • Right/left knee specific.

Which Donjoy OA Adjuster Knee Brace Version Is Right For Me?

You should choose the Medial type to treat a bowlegged (varus) look caused by medial compartment osteoarthritis, and you should choose a Lateral type to treat knock knees (valgus) look caused by lateral compartment osteoarthritis.

donjoy oa adjuster knee brace

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1845



The Donjoy OA Adjuster Knee Brace may be used to treat:

  • Arhtritis - Moderate to severe, osteoarthritis in one side of the knee (uni-compartmental).
  • Ligament instabilities.
  • Post-operative rehabilitation following arthroplasty.

Sizing chart

 Donjoy OA Adjuster knee brace

Three measurements are necessary for the OA Adjuster to provide the correct fit:

1. Measure your thigh circumference 6 inches above middle of your kneecap

2. Measure the circumference around the center of the knee around the middle of your kneecap

3. Measure the circumference around the calf 6 inches below the middle of your kneecap. 

 Size  1. Thigh  2. Knee cap   3. Calf
 XS  13"-15 1/2"  12"-13"  10"-12"
 Small  15 1/2"-18 1/2"  13"-14"  12"-14"
 Medium  18 1/2"-21"  14"-15"  14"-16"
 Large  21"-23 1/2"  15"-17"  16"-18"
 XL  23 1/2"-26 1/2"  17"-19"  18"-20"
 2XL  26 1/2"-29 1/2"  19"-21"  20"-22"
 3XL  29 1/2" -32"  21"-23  22"-24"

 The Arthritis Foundation recommends this brace for its ease of use!

Donjoy OA Adjuster Arthritis Knee Brace Research:

(* Matthew Nadaud et al. "In Vivo Three-Dimensional Determination of the Effectiveness of the Osteoarthritic Knee Brace: A Multiple Brace Analysis." Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery. 87:114-119, 2005.)

Got my life back
I am a Remote Area Fire fighter, Helicopter deployable winch/hover exit. The OA Adjuster Brace has allowed me to continue training for a deployment as a RAF Fire Fighter.
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