Donjoy Drytex Economy Hinged Knee Brace

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Donjoy Drytex Economy Hinged Knee Brace
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  • Provides compression, support, and breathes.
  • Hinged design at an economical price. 
  • Well suited for athletics and rehab. 
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The Donjoy Drytex Economy Hinged Knee Brace offers mild medial-lateral support of the knee in a neoprene alternative. It's made from a unique nylon core and polyester Lycra fabric that allows for improved airflow for greater comfort during activity. The fabric provides compression and support, yet allows for breathability.  The Donjoy Drytex Economy Hinged Knee is ideal for treating MCL and LCL injuries , and anyone needing added knee support that have skin sensitivities, or live in warm weather climates.  The polycentric hinges mimic the natural motion of the knee joint, and are lightweight.

The Donjoy Drytex Economy Hinged Knee Brace is available in both a regular slip-on style for a more customized fit or a wraparound style for easier application.  It can also be ordered with a popliteal cutout behind the knee where the brace material has been removed in an oval cutout to reduce bunching up of material behind the knee. 

Donjoy Drytex Economy Hinged Knee Features:

  • Removable polycentric aluminum hinge bars.
  • For mild medial/lateral support of the knee.
  • Drytex is an ideal alternative to neoprene.
  • Fabric provides compression and support, yet allows for breathability.
  • Durable  and lightweight.
  • Available in a wraparound style.
  • Thigh & calf straps provide additional support for any activity.
  • Available with or without a popliteal cutout behind the knee to avoid bunching up behind your knee.
  • Easy to apply and fit.
  • Economical.

Available Colors: Black

Donjoy Drytex Economy Hinged Knee Brace Versions:

  • Drytex Economy Hinged Knee - regular slip-on model; choose none from the menu.
  • Drytex Economy Hinged Knee with Popliteal Cut Out- Slip-on model with popliteal space in the back of the knee cut out to eliminate material from bunching up.
  • Drytex Economy Hinged Knee Wraparound.
  • Drytex Economy Hinged Knee Wraparound with Popliteal Cut Out.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1810

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The Donjoy Drytex Economy Hinged Knee Brace may be used to treat:

  • Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) sprain or Lateral Collateral Ligament (LCL) sprain.
  • Torn knee ligament/Knee ligament injuries.
  • Knee instability.
  • Knee strains.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Donjoy Drytex Economy Hinged Knee Brace

Measure your thigh circumference 6" above the middle of your kneecap for the correct size:

 Size  Thigh Circumference
 XS  13"-15 1/2" (33-39cm)
 S  15 1/2"-18 1/2" (39-47cm)
 M  18 1/2"-21" (47-53cm)
 L  21"-23 1/2" (53-60cm)
 XL  23 1/2"-26 1/2" (60-67cm)
 2XL  26 1/2"-29 1/2" (67-75cm)

 29-1/2"-32-1/2" (75.82-82.5cm)

Note: Available in wraparound only





 The Donjoy Drytex Economy Hinged Knee Brace uses a unique patented nylon core/polyester and Lycra fabric that allows improved airflow while still giving ample support and compression. Patients with neoprene allergies/irritations, as well as athletes in warm weather climates prefer it over the more traditional material. <

A good, solid brace
Overall, the Donjoy Drytex Economy knee brace has allowed me to continue playing basketball in my late 40s, years after a ligament injury and cartilage surgery. It's not a miracle worker, but it does the job.
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excellent product and really helped my knee
This is my second Donjoy knee brace of this model. The first was prescribed by my ortho doc. The velcro eventually becomes less "sticky" and the brace eventually stretched because I wore it so much, I wore it out. But it took two years to do it. I ordered the same thing on DME (better price). I tried the cheaper brands available in drugstores but they are nothing compared to this one. I find it comfortable (albeit a bit bulky under slacks) even in the hot weather (I live in TX). After wearing it for three weeks I am almost free of pain (I have a patella tracking issue). I checked other sites and found DME to be the best in service, price and customer satisfaction. I did order something else that I didn't like and they they took the return, no questions asked. I give this site and this product an A+.
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I've had 4 surgeries on my knee, including a maquet procedure. So I decide to take up running...yes, I know. First day I tried this brace, I saw a significant decrease in the amount of pain I had during and after running. I won't run another day without it.
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Very good knee brace for the money
The brace doesn't have all of the bells and whistles like some of the more expensive models, but it fits well and provides ample support with all of my activities. Love it.
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Hyper Extend? No more...
Been surfing here in Malibu since I was a kid, but lately my knees are feeling pain and have even "hyper extended" a couple times. Now I'm bracing them with these. I can still enjoy surfing without the fear of screwing up my legs. My advice: Rinse off the ocean water when you are done for the day to keep 'em clean and in good shape.
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