DME-Direct Company Information

dme-direct company building

DME-Direct Company Information

DME-Direct warehouses over 50 brands of today’s latest braces, performance wear, and therapy products – all physician recommended, and athlete tested.

We supply hospitals, physicians, athletic teams, the military, patients, and consumers, with innovative products that provide dependable results for recovery after an injury.

As the largest west coast orthopedic bracing distributor, we are committed to helping reduce costs for consumers, healthcare professionals, and individuals with and without insurance.

DME-Direct Sustainability

dme-direct company information

In 2010 DME-Direct installed a solar panel array system at our Valencia, CA headquarters, in addition to highly efficient lighting systems. Any additional electricity produced by our solar array is fed back into the local utility’s electrical grid for use.

We are proud of our position as a leader in producing, clean, renewable energy that keeps in step with our company philosophy to reduce our carbon footprint.

dme-direct company information

Recycling is a daily commitment at DME-Direct. We recycle all our manufacturer’s shipping boxes by using them again for customer's packages.

No matter if they're large or small, we use them all.

dme-direct company information

Our office-wide recycling program is designed to separate all office recyclables from otherwise waste, thereby reducing our landfill contribution.

All of our paper, cardboard, and cans are separated daily. It's good for the planet and our company.

dme-direct company information

We know that products do not have to suffer in quality and performance when it comes to endorsing an ethos of sustainability.

We promote and sell products made from both natural fibers and recycled materials that are environmentally friendly.

These earth-friendly products provide the same support, quality, and performance of more traditional braces that use petroleum in their production.