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DeRoyal PRUventor Heel Off-loading Device

DeRoyal SKU: M70-100x
$124.99 $116.99
969 sold

Short Description

DeRoyal PRUVentor Heel Off-Loading Device absorbs pressure away from bony prominences. Suited for heel decubitus ulcer prevention, foot drop, and foot rotation.

DeRoyal PRUventor Heel Off-loading Device

$124.99 $116.99

The DeRoyal PRUventor Heel Off-Loading Device is a clinically approved heel off-loading device that will help to ensure the patient’s heels are relieved of pressure while also helping to prevent foot drop and lateral foot rotation. PRUventor heel boots are designed for: Heel decubitus ulcer prevention; Foot drop; Foot rotation.


DeRoyal PRUventor Heel Off-Loading Device Features:

  • Soft, fluid and stain resistant material can be cleaned and disinfected if soiled
  • Pressure-absorbing filling creates fluid-like interior and absorbs pressure away from bony prominences
  • Soft, elastic straps with hook tabs for easy and secure placement (Long boot comes with an additional strap for added security around lower leg)
  • Anti-rotation wedge easily attaches to either side of the boot
  • Compatible with sequential and intermittent compression devices (SCD/ICD) with easy exits for SCD/ICD tubing (Long boot has additional exits on either side of the boot)
  • Anti-rotation wedge included
  • Available in XS, Universal or XL sizes
  • Sold individually (not a pair)
  • Single patient use; Non-returnable

The DeRoyal PRUventor may be used for the prevention of Heel decubitus ulcer prevention; Foot drop; Foot rotation.

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