Ossur CTi Custom Knee Brace

Ossur CTi Custom Knee Brace
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  • 100% hand crafted carbon fiber frame.
  • One year fit guarantee.
  • Custom made to fit the shape of your leg.
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The CTi Custom Knee Brace provides the ultimate combination of stabilization and protection for the knee joint. The carbon fiber frame is hand-crafted from a mold taken of the leg for an amazing fit.  This truly custom-made brace features quick, adjustable Accutrac hinges that allow the user to control the amount of extension in the frame to suite any physician's requirements.

The CTi custom is available in three different models to suite every activity level from everyday use to high impact conditions.  Choose between the Vapor (light activity), the Standard model (most medium to high impact sports) and the ProSport (high-contact sports) to best suit your needs and type of demand.   The brace is made from our unique casting kit which in turn is used to make a negative mold of your knee at the factory.  We send the kit to all customers and guide them through the process with our instruction guide which includes plenty of pictures to aid in the process. You'll then send your cast back to us here for inspection. It's then forwarded on to Ossur to make a CTi custom knee brace according to the shape and contours of your leg.  Customize the color of your brace with with 12 different color choices to give your brace a bright color that stands out in a crowd, or a more traditional color choice for a more subtle look.

Ossur CTi Custom Knee Brace

The CTI Custom knee brace is made from a cast mold for a 100% flawless finished brace.

CTi Custom Knee Brace Features:

  • Custom knee brace made from a hand crafted carbon fiber frame from our exclusive casting kit technology.
  • 1-year fit guarantee - Obtain free brace frame adjustments for up to one year after injury/surgery to adjust for leg/thigh size adjustments.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the frame and hinges.
  • No-Slip guarantee when used with Anti-Migration System wrap made out of neoprene (AMS wrap is free with order).
  • The CTi custom provides total support for ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotary and combined instabilities.
  • Accutrac hinges with extension stops [0-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30-40 degrees] control straightening out of the frame per the physician's protocol.
  • Non-corrosive materials, ideal for water sports.
  • Pivoting buckles enable proper strap placement above the calf muscle.
  • The CTi custom knee brace is constructed from our casting kit which we supply free of charge to all US customers (foreign customers are responsible for the cost of shipping for the kit - contact us via email for a shipping quote for the kit). We guide every customer through the process. Your brace is then built from your mold and shipped to you directly.  We walk you through the process so you receive a perfectly made custom CTi every time - call for details.
  • Non-returnable due to the custom manufacturing process for this product.

Available CTI Custom Models:

  • Vapor:  Has 20% less carbon fiber for low impact activities.
  • Standard:  Regular model - used for most sports; most popular.
  • ProSport:  Has 20% additional carbon fiber added for high impact/contact sports.

Available Colors: Sky Blue, Ocean Blue, Navy Blue, Green, Champagne, Red, Pink, White, Silver, Yellow, Charcoal, Black. Custom patterns are also available for an extra fee.

More Options For Your CTi Custom Knee Brace

(1) Super Short Frame available upon request: A shorter version of the CTi brace optimizing comfort and function for users under 5'3".

(2) PCL Opposition System available upon request: The PCL opposition sytem incorporates a femoral horseshoe extension and an anatomically-designed opposing gastroc force plate to help reduce posterior drawer.

(3) ACL Cable System available upon request: A dynamic system which applies additional stability to the ACL as the leg moves into full extension.

(4) Hyperextension strap available upon request: A fifth strap designed to help provide additional resistance for wearers with recurvatum.

(5) Flexion stop kit available upon request: Used in conjunction with the Accutrac™ hinge to provide 0 -90 degrees of flexion control.

(6) Ski boot attachment: Rod and piston mechanical attachment used to link the CTi brace to a ski boot, aiding in the prevention of rotational injuries.

(8) Used to optimize the CTi for motorcross, kit includes: patella cup, gear guards and sport sleeves.

Warranty: Straps, liners, return cords, hinge coating and other soft components shall be warranted free from defects in materials and workmanship for 6 months


 The CTi custom knee brace is ideally suited for:

  • ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotary and combined instabilities.
  • Low, medium and high contact/impact activities.
  • PCL model for patients requiring enhanced posterior cruciate ligament support.
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Custom made according to a cast mold of your leg.


Made from carbon fiber and resin for premium strength and performance.

Well Done
Great personal service, helped us with making the casting for the custom knee brace. We recommend them highly.
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Fits perfectly
I just got my custom CTi last week and it has been awesome. Making my cast mold was simple and it I couldn't be happier with the final brace. Many thanks.
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Couldn't have asked for a better fit
I had studied the various braces available for my type of injury, and upon conversation with some motocross racers arrived at the conclusion that the custom Ossur CTI brace was the way to go. The brace is expensive, but the custom fitting of the brace is what makes it effective. I am back skiing. The brace fits well, feels fine and offers me the support I need to continue the sport.
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Pro ice hockey player
Playing pro ice hockey after 2 months since ACL reconstraction, using pro custom CTI brace and loving it.
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After 3 so called "custom braces" from another company. This one was a perfect fit the first time. Thank You!!!
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Fits awesome!
I got a custom CTi because I have athletic thighs that didn't fit well into an regular sized version. The brace fit exactly to the shape of my leg and I use it now for soccer and skiing in the winter. I would recommend the CTi custom to anyone wanting a custom made brace that performs as well as it looks.
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Q&A for Ossur CTi Custom Knee Brace

  • From Leonard
    • Q: Is the brace suitable for supporting a knee with worn cartilage and torn meniscus that has been arthroscopically treated?
    • A: The CTi custom pro sport would be a good choice because it provides added support and protection for your knee with any type of activity. If you need to unload the worn cartlage you may want to purchase our Ossur CTi OA custom instead.
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