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Core Foot Flexor AFO Foot Drop Brace

Core Products SKU: AKL-6355
$59.99 $49.75
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Short Description

The Foot Flexor by Core offers dynamic support and flexion control for individuals with foot drop.

Core Foot Flexor AFO Foot Drop Brace

$59.99 $49.75

The Core FootFlexor is a dynamic aid for individuals with foot drop and similar conditions that require dorsal flexion support. When properly maintained and used, the FootFlexor® AFO helps improve walking, increases confidence in walking ability, and helps reduce the incidence of falls.Unlike standard AFOs, this assistive device does not require an oversize shoe.

Foot Flexor Features and Benefits:

  • More comfortable than traditional AFO style braces.
  • Easy to use with any normal lace-style shoes by attaching straps to the eyelet hooks.
  • Both the bunge and the cuff are fully adjustable to increase/decrease support.
  • Fits ankle circumference 9"-15".


The FootFlexor® is indicated for foot drop and similar conditions resulting in loss of dorsiflexion at the ankle.