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Breg/Bledsoe OA Impulse Push/Pull Knee Brace

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Bledsoe OA Impulse Pull/Push Knee Brace
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Bledsoe's OA Impulse Knee Brace provides push/pull offloading technology to relieve osteoarthritis pain in active patients.

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The Bledsoe OA Impulse Knee Brace is ideal for patients with mild to moderate osteoarthritis (OA) in need of a soft OA brace for their active lifestyle. The OA Impulse Push/Pull gives patients the ability to customize the amount of unloading by adjusting the hinge's unloading moment with a simple turn of a dial. The hinge is positioned on the affected side of the knee and pulls the affected compartment open to relieve pain. The brace provides warmth, support and compression with its breathable Tritech material construction. The Bledsoe OA Impulse is designed to provide effective treatment for patients with mild to moderate OA in need of a low profile design that blends fashion and function in the same brace. OA Impulse is available in either push or pull technology to meet the individual patient’s needs.

Bledsoe OA Impulse Knee Brace Features:

  • Dynamic hinge design is positioned on the affected side of the knee and pulls to reduce pressure points while relieving pain.
  • Internal thigh and lower leg cuffs distribute the load over a large area reducing pressure points.
  • Captures the thigh & lower leg for a great fit.
  • Dial adjustment allows up to 12 degrees of angulation.
  • Adjustable dial – no tools needed.
  • Lightweight and low-profile design.
  • Tritech material provides mild compression. and keeps you cooler when you break a sweat.
  • Right and left specific.
  • Available in six sizes - please see our sizing chart tab above for important sizing guideline information.

Which OA Impulse Brace Is Right For Me?

Choose the Medial type to treat a bowlegged (varus) look caused by medial compartment osteoarthritis or choose a Lateral type to treat knock knees (valgus) look caused by lateral compartment osteoarthritis. Push = hinge on the opposite side. Pull = hinge on the same side.

OA Impulse knee brace

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1843


The Bledsoe OA Impulse Pull may be used to treat:

  • Mild to moderate medial or lateral unicompartmental OA (osteoarthritis) without any ligament instability associated with the knee joint.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Measurements taken 6” (15 cm) above mid-patella

Ordering and Sizing Charts

Thigh Circumference Size Medial OA Left Medial OA Right Lateral OA Left Lateral OA Right
13.5” – 16” (34 – 41 cm) XS RK509101 RK509201 RK508101 RK508201
16” – 18.75” (41 – 48 cm) S RK509103 RK509203 RK508103 RK508203
18.75” – 21.5” (48 – 55 cm) M RK509105 RK509205 RK508105 RK508205
21.5” – 24.25” (55 – 62 cm) L RK509107 RK509207 RK508107 RK508207
24.25” – 27” (62 – 69 cm) XL RK509109 RK509209 RK508109 RK508209
27” – 29.5” (69 – 75 cm) XXL RK509111 RK509211 RK508111 RK508211



The OA Impulse Pull/Push is made from breathable, neoprene-free Tritech material.

Bledsoe brace customer
Worked well for me but the velcro on 1 and 2 failed after only 5 months. This should be redesigned with straps so that 1 and 2 stay in place longer.
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Fantastic product
This is the first brace that is relieving my pain and NOT creating pressure sore areas when being worn. I use it for hiking and playing with my grandkids. If you're active then this is a great brace for OA pain.
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Helps my OA pain
I have a large shape and couldn't fit into other braces made from metal so I ordered this after talking to the customer staff there. I received it and have been using the Impulse now for a month. My knee doesn't give out on me anymore and I can walk with less pain too. The adjustable hinge has been nice too - I turn it up when I need more torquing on days when my knee feels sore and I turn it down on days when my knee feels good. Thank you for all of the help with choosing this OA Impulse!
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Fits well
Bought the large, medial on the advice of my friend who's an orthopedic doctor. It seems like it's very good quality.S till experimenting around with the unloading from the hinge but definitely makes my knee feel better when I'm climbing stairs.
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Very Good
Wanted a good brace without spending a lot for it. It's lightweight and comfortable. I wear it 4-5 days a week and it relieves the pain on the inside of my knee very well.
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Q&A for Breg/Bledsoe OA Impulse Push/Pull Knee Brace

  • From Vicki Sinha
    • Q: The outside of my left knee has OA and has little to no synovial fluid in that area. Would I use a push or a pull, a medial or lateral?
    • A: The Lateral - Push is a good choice for lateral compartment OA knee conditions.
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  • From bruland
    • Q: The inside of my left knee is where I have pain. What brace should I order?
    • A: For the "type" of brace, choose medial from the pulldown menu choice to relieve pain and pressure on the inside aspect of the knee joint.
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