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Bledsoe DUO Knee Brace

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Bledsoe DUO Knee Brace
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Bledsoe's DUO Knee Brace design provides dynamic arthritis offloading when standing bearing weight, and reduces force when sitting. Ideal for daily activity.


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The Bledsoe DUO knee brace (Dynamic Unloading Osteoarthritis) is the only dual-upright dynamic brace on the market. Unlike traditional braces that apply a constant unloading affect, the Bledsoe DUO provides a load across the knee to open the joint in extension, and reduces the load during flexion. This unique difference results in a reduction of pressure when sitting and eliminates the skin irritation associated with a OA brace that exerts constant pressure. This makes the Bledsoe DUO brace ideal for the patient that wears a brace all day for activities of daily living. The DUO is ideally suited for people with active lifestyles wanting support and pain relief from a dual-upright brace. The brace actively unloads the knee during the extension phase of walking or standing, and gradually tapers as the knee is flexed during the swing through phase during walking or while sitting. The DUO relieves pain while weight bearing and turns off when the knee is flexed.

Bledsoe DUO Knee Brace Features:

  • Dynamic style hinge applies loads when you need it most - in extension while walking.
  • Easy to use incremental arm adjustments.
  • Lightweight, low profile design for performance.
  • Applies up to 16 degrees of unloading correction.
  • Calf strapping mimics the functionality of a finger trap to reduce brace migration.
  • Suitable for all types of recreational activity.
  • Right and left knee specific.
  • 1 year product warranty on straps and pads; 3 year on the hinge / functionality.
  • Six sizes - See sizing chart tab above for important sizing guidelines regarding measuring for standard vs. athletic versions.
  • Off-the-shelf color: Black.

Available Options: Choose medial to unload the medial inside aspect of the knee and lateral to unload the lateral outside aspect of the knee joint.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1845


The Bledsoe DUO knee brace may be used to treat:

  • Moderate to severe medial and lateral unicompartmental OA.
  • OA with or without combined instabilities.
  • Provide aid with delaying future surgery such as an osteotomy or total joint replacement.
  • Increase walking tolerance and endurance.
  • Can slow down the progression of thedegenerative deterioration inside the knee joint.
Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Bledsoe DUO sizes


Made from lightweight aircraft aluminum for strength and durability.

Very versatile for our orthopedic practice
We use this in our practice for OA patients and find it provides pain relief, increases knee stability, and enhances patient function.
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Arrived next day
5/5 stars. The product arrived the next day. I see my doctor next week for a checkup.
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Great service and a great price
This is the same DUO knee brace that my doctor wanted to prescribe me and wanted twice as much.
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Delivery was very fast
Fast shipping, New brace works just as advertised. Was easier to adjust than I had anticipated.
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Stays in place
I called Breg and they recommended contacting you to buy this knee brace. Thank you for the help with measuring so I got the right size for my leg. It stays in place wherever I go, and the arthritis pain in my knee feels 50% better.
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Good for meniscus and arthritic knee
My doctor doesn't want to do surgery just yet and recommended i use the duo knee brace for the meniscus tear inside my arthritic knee. Using the brace has made a big difference in my overal pain and I can enjoy more activities now with my grandchildren.
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easy to adjust the unloading
The DUO brace is easy to adjust the unloading and the buckles are easier to fit/apply compared to my last offloader.
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Enjoying the stability
Thank you for the brace recommendation. I've been using my DUO now for three weeks and my knee feels more stable at work. The unloading works and it automatically turns off when I sit down in a chair. Love it!
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Q&A for Bledsoe DUO Knee Brace

  • From Robert
    • Q: What is a difference between standard and athletic version? I am asking as I would like to run with brace.
    • A: The Athletic calf typically fits a leaner, smaller calf circumference compared to the Standard calf. The calf circumference measurement will determine whether you fit into the Standard verses the Athletic calf version.
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  • From George Albright
    • Q: Are new linings and pads available for the DUO brace I've had for 2 years.

    • A: Yes, please call customer service to order brace frame pads, and straps for your DUO.
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  • From Chuck
    • Q: Do you offer this brace in any color but black? I would like to purchase one in the orange color shown in the literature.
    • A: The off-the-shelf DUO is only available in color Black.
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