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Bledsoe Axiom-D Knee Brace

Bledsoe Brace Systems SKU: MGPK
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Short Description

  • Same design as the Z-12 D in a longer frame.
  • Available in aluminum or magnesium.
  • Exclusive "finger-trap strapping design prevents brace migration.

Bledsoe Axiom-D Knee Brace


The Bledsoe Axiom-D Knee Brace provides dynamic muscle-powered control for the ACL ligament during high demand activities.  The brace features the same design as the Z-12 D but in a longer frame for enhanced knee ligament protection. The Bledsoe Axiom-D features a tibial strap that hooks onto the side hinges which pulls the lower leg (tibia) posteriorly in the direction of the back of the calf to reduce the laxity associated with having a torn ACL ligament.  For patients who have had an ACL reconstruction, this strap design reduces the stress placed on a newly reconstructed knee as well.  The brace is available in or steel reinforced aluminum version (impact resistant) or a magnesium design for non-contact sports. To further ensure a proper fit, a standard or an athletic calf version is available to fit athletes with different calf widths to prevent brace migration issues.  The pivoting calf strap in the rear is designed to grab onto the back of your calf and provide superior brace suspension - simply fit it and forget about it.

Bledsoe Axiom-D Knee Brace Features:

  • Dynamic tibial strap hooks onto the brace's hinges to pull your tibia posteriorly as your knee straightens out to provide increased support for your ACL.
  • Comes in spring steel reinforce aluminum frame for contact sports use, or lightweight magnesium for non-contact sports use.
  • Ski boot-style buckles for easier fitting - no velcro straps to reapply with each fitting.
  • 16" length brace frame.
  • Available in a standard or an athletic designated calf circumference - brace style is the same.  See sizing chart tab.
  • Right/left specific.
  • Off the shelf style provides dynamic control of your leg - perfect for ACL deficient knees or for anyone who has undergone an ACL reconstruction.

Recommended Manufacturer HCFA: L1845 (OTS).

The Bledsoe Axiom-D is ideally suited for:

  • Stability and support following ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL injuries.
  • Ideal for ACL and PCL deficient knees.

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