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Bledsoe AdjustaFit LC Boot

Bledsoe Brace Systems SKU: LC/LC2
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Bledsoe's AdjustaFit LC boot provides premium support and comfort with a moldable aluminum shell design. Available in Mid-Calf and Standard length; lowest available rocker bottom sole for a normal gait.<

Bledsoe AdjustaFit LC Boot


The Bledsoe AdjustaFit LC Boot is one of the most affordable US manufactured aluminum walkers for foot and ankle injuries.  It features key features that make it different from cheaper alternatives.  It features a complete aluminum frame including the sides struts thus making it fully adjustable for both normal and wide shaped calves.  Simply bend the struts outward to fit larger size lower legs.  The Bledsoe AdjustaFit LC boot has a more narrow sole and a rocker bottom sole that's lower to the ground to make your walking feel more natural and effortless.  The product is available in a standard tall size or as a shorter mid-calf length for foot and ankle injuries not requiring a higher degree of immobilization compared to what is provided by the tall length model.  It can also be ordered with a regular style ankle heel pad (LC) or with an air ankle/heel pad design (LC2) that takes up the extra space inside the walker and helps flush swelling away from the ankle joint.  Patients like the breathable foam liner and the adjustable straps, while physicians prefer the product's quality manufacturing here in the United States (clap, joy).  The Bledsoe AdjustaFit LC Boot can be used for treating ankle sprains, and distal fractures of the tibia and fibula that are stable.

Bledsoe AdjustaFit LC/LC2 Boot Features:

  • Boot shell and uprights are comprised of aluminum that can be reformed to fit your leg in pretty much a "custom" fashion. Note that most other brands are made of rigid plastic that can not be bent or molded.
  • Foam liner is ultra-breathable for your comfort.
  • Shortens your recovery time, while improving your mobility.
  • Rocker bottom to reduce stress on hip and leg joints. Unique rocker design allows patients to closely simulate a near normal gait without abnormal loads on any joints.
  • Many versions: LC (regular ankle/heel pad) or LC2 (regular ankle/heel pad or an air ankle/heel pad).
  • Available in a shorter Mid-Calf or Standard tall length of boot.
  • Available in 5 adult sizes to fit every size foot and ankle - see sizing chart tab.

Available Options:

Length: Choose standard for the tall height that stops a couple of inches just shy of the crease in the back of your knee or the mid-calf which ends at the middle of your calf for the shorter height.  Your are also ordering here whether you would like the regular LC style with just a regular liner or the LC2 with an air pad liner that takes up the extra space around your ankle and heel for an improved fit.

Version and Accessory: Based on your choice of Length, the system will automatically create the the other options available for you to customize your boot.

Note: The standard "tall" walkers can be ordered with a Cuff or Bootie. The Cuff is a liner that covers from the bottom of the calf down to the forefoot. The Bootie is a liner that covers from the bottom of the calf to the end of the toes.

LC versus LC2: Both versions come in Standard or Mid-Calf Height.

  • LC Boot has a regular ankle/heel pad and is the most economical.
  • LC2 features an Air ankle/heel pad ($15 additional). This liner allows for adjustment of ankle pressure, while providing pneumatic ankle support. Enhanced comfort is the key feature on the LC2 version.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: With ankle/heel pad L4386; with Air Ankle/Heel Pad L4360.

The Bledsoe AdjustaFit LC/LC2 boots can be used for:

  • Fractures: Metatarsal, forefoot, or calcaneous.
  • Grade I, III, and III ankle sprains.
  • Forefoot sprains.
  • Grades 1, 2, & 3 distal fractures of the tibia and fibula that are reduced/stable or that have some bridging callous.

NOTE: This device is not intended for unstable fractures or for fractures of the proximal tibia or fibula.

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