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Bauerfeind OmoTrain S Shoulder Brace

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Bauerfeind Omotrain S Shoulder Brace


Bauerfeind OmoTrain S shoulder brace promotes mobility and treats shoulder pain caused by osteoarthritis, following surgery or injury.
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The Bauerfeind OmoTrain S Shoulder Brace  provides active support and stability for the shoulder joint to help restore function  During each movement, the compression knit and a removable massage pad (Delta pad) massage the soft tissue, thereby relieving pain, and activate the musculature that stabilizes the joint. It's helpful with pain therapy, for immediate care for injuries, and for protection against further injuries from everyday activities and in sport. OmoTrain S exerts a stabilizing pressure from the outside and provides a massage for the soft tissue of the shoulder during movement. Swelling is reduced as the musculature is activated, and pain relief is achieved.   The removable Delta pad of the OmoTrain S increases this massage effect, thanks to its nubs and its joint-cavity ridge that have a targeted effect on specific pain spots.  The removable Delta pad provides a message with its nubs and can be positioned inside as needed. It has a direct strap system that makes fitting faster and easy - simply pull then sleeve up over the top of the shoulder and fasten the Direct Strap velcro closure.  The Bauerfeind OmoTrain S is suitable for reducing everyday shoulder pain, arthritis treatment, and enhancing shoulder mobility with general sport activities.

Bauerfeind OmoTrain S Shoulder Brace Features:

  • Easy Direct strap system for easier fitting,
  • Knitt design provides compression that enhances circulation and activates rotator cuff musculature.
  • Removable Delta pad insert that messages the shoulder's soft tissues to relieve pain.
  • Fits both right and left sides,
  • Available in sizes for a perfect fit.


  • Osteoarthritis
  • Post-traumatic irritationPost-operative irritation
Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

bauerfeind omotrain s shoulder brace

Contains natural elastic.
Good for everyday activity
I use this with everyday activity and it stays in lace when I'm reaching up or using my shoulder strenuously. The removable rubber pad has nubs on it that help reduce pain as well which I use all the time.
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Helps my shoulder arthritis
I bought this for my 80 year old mother who has arthritis in her shoulder. She able to put this on by herself and says it helps her shoulder pain a lot.
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Easier to dress
I have both the regular Omotrain and now the Omotrain S -this one is easier for me to put on.
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Gives me the comfort I need...
I have been using the brace now for about two weeks to help relieve pain when I'm cooking in the kitchen and it has helped. The pain is now about 70% better over the last week.
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Easier for me to put on
It helps the pain in my arthritic shoulder. It's also easier for me to put on and take compared to my last Omotrain.
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Q&A for Bauerfeind OmoTrain S Shoulder Brace

  • From Pat
    • Q: My arm measures larger than #6 16 1/2" will this fit?
    • A: Your bicep circumference is, unfortunately, larger than the largest size of the brace. Please contact our customer support team for a recommended alternative.
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