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Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Achilles Tendon Support

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Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Achilles Tendon Support
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Bauerfeind's AchilloTrain is a comfortable knitted support with a silicone insert alongside the Achilles tendon and under the heel that relieves chronic irritation.

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The Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Achilles Tendon Support is an ankle brace that relieves strain on the achilles tendon without hampering mobility. The knit support features an embedded silicone heel wedge insert and a visco-elastic achilles pad that relieves tendon pain by raising the heel height which reduces painful inflammation caused by excessive load to joints and the back. Achillotrain active supports provide stabilization, cushioning for pressure relief, and gentle compression while increasing circulation to aid recovery from tendinitis, Achilles tendon strains, bursitis, and general inflammation of the Achilles.

Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Achilles Tendon Support Features:

  • Knitted Achilles tendon support incorporating an anatomically contoured silicone insert runs alongside the Achilles tendon.
  • Silicone insert provides intermittent compression for the reduction of swelling and edema - leaves tendon pressure free.
  • Soft silicone heel insert raises the heel height to reduce stress on the achilles tendon.
  • VIsco-elastic pad messages the tendon and increases circulation.
  • Provides compression and ankle support which helps reduce painful swelling and edema.
  • Three-dimensional anatomical knit contours to the shape of the foot instep / ankle for comfort and a precise fit.
  • Includes an additional heel wedge for the unaffected leg to prevent leg length discrepancies.
  • Breathable knit fabric will not retain heat and is completely machine washable.
  • Reduces shock on the joints and vertebrae when both heel cushions are used.
  • Colors: Black, Titan, Natural.
  • Five Sizes: See sizing chart tab for measurement information.
  • Size 1: 6 3/4 in. - 7 1/2 in., Size 2: 7 1/2 in. - 8 1/4 in., Size 3: 8 1/4 in. - 9 in., Size 4: 9 in. - 9 3/4 in., Size 5: 9 3/4 in. - 10 3/4 in.


The Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Achilles Tendon Support may be used to treat the following:

  • Achilles Tendonitis.
  • Achilles pain and swelling.
  • Tendon strains and ruptures.
  • Heel Bursitis.
  • Haglund's Deformity.
  • Sever's Disease.
  • Pump bump.
  • Post-Achilles tendon rupture.
Sizing chart

Size Chart:

bauerfeind achillotrain achilles tendon support size


bauerfeind achillotrain achilles tendon support specifications

  1. Pressure-reduced stitching along the edge ensures a comfortable fit that does not hinder movement, resulting in less bunching or slipping; Improves circulation.
  2. Three-dimensional active knit is contoured for a precise, snug fit.
  3. Contoured silicone gel insert runs along the Achilles tendon. The pad absorbs stress and pressure to help reduce pain.
  4. High elastic content makes the supports easier to put on and take off.
  5. Stretchy knit is breathable and comfortable; fabric is machine-washable; Maintains its elasticity and original fit.
  6. Pressure-reduced edges offer a comfortable fit without constricting movement, bunching or slipping. Improves circulation.
Achilles support
Not sure about this brace because of the size of the achilles support while wearing this brace with a basketball shoe. It seems impossible.
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Very Helpful
We bought this Achilles Trainer brace because our granddaughter injured her tendon during school track practice. The orthopaedic doctor recommended it, since it was severe tendonitis and luckily not a tear. She has been wearing it every day, totally feels support for her injury. She is getting PT for the tendonitis but the Achilles Trainer gives her support in walking all day at school. Terrific product.
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Satisfied with purchase
Had a terrible experience through amazon where I bought one (much lower price) and received an older style (box date was 6 years old) that smelled musty. Returned it and bought this last week from DME-Direct - wow! The new brace arrived in perfect condition. I'm going to place another order now for a second pair to use for basketball. Thank you!
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Comfortable product
I have been trying to treat the tendinitis in my achilles for months and have tried a few different products Achillotrain was the most comfortable one I've tried yet. It contours my ankle very well and relieves the irritation that I have been dealing with now for so long. Very pleased.
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Great product
Great achilles tendon support product. I showed the Achillotrain to 2 orthopedic doctors. Both doctors were very impressed with it and was curious where I got the product. It's a shame that one doctor told me that insurance would not pay for it. We'll, I bought a second one, because it helped with the pain so much. The doctor fitted me with a boot and told me to continue to wear the achillotrain while booted up. The product is well worth the money even if insurance does not cover the product. Thanks for such a great product. It has helped me so much.
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I wear both right and left and can now play golf and walk into the clubhouse without my cane. I am only 44 and this has helped me more than I can say. Thank You.
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Q&A for Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Achilles Tendon Support

  • From Ed
    • Q: What is the thickness of the removable heel cushion?

    • A: The heel cushion measures 5/8" in thickness underneath the heel area.
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