MedSpec Tee Pee Thumb Protector

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MedSpec Tee Pee Thumb Protector
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  • Lowest profile support for thumb injuries.
  • Three stays for supporting your thumb.
  • Allows for full wrist motion.
  • Comfortable and durable for all day use.
  • A favorite of physicians and patients.
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When it comes to finding low profile, comfortable support for your thumb, it's hard to beat the MedSpec Tee Pee Thumb Protector.  It features a total of three stays around your thumb to provide restriction of movement while allowing full wrist motion.  The Tee Pee Thumb Protector  is made out of soft felt material that breaths well and holds up to daily use.  The wrist strap has some stretch to it that helps add compression and support around your wrist.  The product is well suited for use at work and home for treating sprains and tendonitis injuries.  Patients appreciate the product's low profile features while physician's recognize the American made quality inside every Tee Pee Thumb Protector.

Tee Pee Thumb Protector Features: 

  • Three stays form a "Tee Pee" that provides a custom fit.
  • Encompass the thumb to provide a safe and secure environment following injury.
  • Main, dorsal and palmar malleable stays can all be adjusted to customize for each patient.
  • Does not restrict wrist motion.
  • Perforated suede material improves its evaporation qualities.
  • Polypropylene felt wicks moisture away from skin.
  • Velstretch strap properly secures base of product while allowing ulnar and radial deviation.
  • Fits left or right hand.
  • US manufacturing for higher quality control standards.
  • Available in five sizes - please see our sizing chart tab above for important measurement instructions.

Available Colors: Black.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3923.



The MedSpec Tee Pee Thumb Protector is a commonly used choice for:

  • Thumb sprains.
  • CMC arthritis.
  • Blackberry Thumb.
  • Overuse Syndrome.
Sizing chart

Measure the distance from wrist to thumb IP (middle) joint as shown below.

MedSpec Tee Pee Thumb

  • Polypropylene felt material draws moisture away from your skin for cool comfort.
  • VelStretch strap for elastic strap closure.

Customer Reviews 20 item(s)

Perfect fit
This Tee Pee thumb protector is a perfect fit. Small and compact which lets me do my day to day activities with protection and comfort. I will purchase other products form DME as my experience was great.
I highly recommend this product.
This product has greatly relieved swelling and pain in an arthritic joint. I highly recommend the Tee Pee to others needing a brace for arthritis in their thumb.
Great product
This did the trick! No longer afraid to go up to block the volleyball! Perfect item for my needs - Thank you.
Effective brace and good value
This brace is an incredibly good value for the money. It is well designed and comfortable, and protects the thumb metacarpal joint very effectively. I do find the fit around the thumb is a little snug, although the size is the correct one according to the measurements given. Compared to other braces I tried previously it is the most effective, comfortable and also the cheapest.
Good support
Seems to offer good support.
Good quality and effective
Splints arrived on time before scheduled delivery. They work very well and allow for some modifications.
Great product for arthritis
I have arthritis in both thumbs, and these splints are perfect for the morning pain and stiffness. They're comfortable yet effective.
Great product for the money
I discussed this and a couple other products with my physical therapist and we decided on this one. It is functioning very well. It provides good support without restricting movement. The directions for fitting are helpful.
Great protection with a lot if movement
I have been wearing this protector for over 6 months. My doctor prescribed it since I need a thumb pinning. This protector allows me to do my normal activities, and all aspects of my job in the medical profession of 33 years. Without the brace my right thumb and all its movements do not have any strength. I will be wearing this brace for a long time since it allows me to grip things that a surgery would not.

Best one I've found
I've tried many splints but the Tee Pee Thumb Protector is my favorite by far for my basal thumb joint arthritis. It is stiffer ( yet adjustable) and holds the joint secure unlike others that are too soft. This profile is minimal, not bulky and very easy to put on/take off. When both thumbs are involved this feature is very important. Splints have to be taken off and on many times throughout the day when washing hands etc. You need it to be easy and painless and the Tee Pee works the best. The low profile means less sweat in warmer weather. One size fits both hands is a welcome feature.
I am happy with this support This is a replacement for a set I had originally ordered through my doctor. It was good to find the protector online - it saved me an office visit.
Best thumb brace ever
I have arthritis at the base of my left thumb...and I love to crochet. I tried several thumb braces available locally, but they all had the same failing. They came up on both the back of my hand and my palm. Because of this design, they tended to cup my hand inward, causing even more pain as I'd try to straighten my hand. I finally started searching online for a better brace, was intrigued by the picture of the TeePee thumb brace, ordered one to try, and was hooked. The moldable supports truly customize the brace for me; it's lightweight and comfortable, gives me relief from the arthritis pain, and allows me to crochet for hours on end! I have ordered several to keep in my crochet bags, in my car, and at home. I can't say enough about how this brace has helped me! Thank you!
The key to this splint's effectiveness, is the placement of the band that goes around the thumb as low to the base of the thumb as possible.
Helped protect my thumb during volleyball
I hurt my thumb playing volleyball and kept re-injuring it. I bought this specifically to use only when I play. This brace is small enough not to affect my play while keeping my thumb stable.
Thumb pain blessing
It's the best thumb protector I have ever bought, and I use it everyday. It really helps the pain.
I had no problems finding the product I needed. The order process was easy and I was very pleased at the shortness of time for delivery of the product. I will definitely order from this website again the next time I need this product.
Good Product
Sprained my thumb playing basketball. I play with it to prevent it get bent back again while it is healing. Works well. I wrap some tape around it, but just for grip as the ball spins right off the thing.
Good product with Expensive import cost
They're good product as I expected. However, the shipping cost was too expensive plus import charge.
Effective Product and Pain Relief
Both of my thumbs are involved with having sciatic condition referring pain into my thumbs. These products stabilize my thumbs and thus relieve the pain.
Tee Pee Thumb Protector
I ordered this because I have arthritis in the base of my thumb. I have a bigger, more cumbersome brace but this one is smaller and has added protection right where I have a lot of pain. It allows me to bike ride and kayak more comfortably.
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Q&A for MedSpec Tee Pee Thumb Protector

  • From Kim
    • Q: How do you wash this product?
    • A: Hi Kim,

      It's best to wash it with mild soap and water and then just letter it air dry.

      Thank you for the question,
      DME-Direct customer service
    • So far persons found this question helpful

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