Donjoy Stabilizing PRO Ankle Brace

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Donjoy Stabilizing PRO Ankle Brace
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  • 800D ballistic non-stretch nylon fordurability.
  • Figure eight straps lock in your heel.
  • Excellent for sports and ankle injury protection.
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The Donjoy Stabilizing PRO Ankle Brace is designed to meet the needs of demanding athletes everywhere. The brace is constructed from 800D ballistic nylon for strength, and is reinforced around the eyelet area for outstanding performance and durability. An elastic circumferential strap secures all strapping and provides added tibia/fibula compression to help reduce the incidence of ankle sprains. The lace-up design and trimmable figure-8 strapping work together to lock the heel into place to help control inversion/eversion ankle motion. The Donjoy Stabilizing PRO ankle brace comes with removable medial/lateral stays used to enhance both proprioception and ankle stability. The brace fits easily into athletic or street shoes, and provides a high level of protection for demanding athletic use.

Donjoy Stabilizing PRO Ankle Brace Features:

  • 800D ballistic non-stretch nylon for performance, strength and durability.
  • Removable, articulated medial and lateral stays for added support.
  • Elastic cuff closure secures strapping and provides compression and stability.
  • Trimmable figure eight straps lock in the heel to control inversion/eversion.
  • Fits inside street and athletic shoes.
  • Universal fit for right and left ankles.
  • Washable - use mild soap and water.
  • Available in eight sizes - please see our sizing chart tab above for important measurement instructions.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1902



The Donjoy Stabilizing PRO ankle brace is often used for:

  • Preventing and treating ankle sprains.

Sizing chart

Size Chart:

donjoy stabilizing pro ankle brace

Part Number Color Size
11-3234-x-06000 Black XXS - XXXL
11-3234-x-15000 White XXS - XXXL
Sizes Available:
 Description "x"   Measurement  Size
0 = XXS 9" - 10" (23 - 25 cm) XXS
1 = XS 10" - 11" (25 - 28 cm) XS
2 = S 11" - 12" (28 - 30 cm) S
3 = M 12" - 13" (30 - 33 cm) M
4 = L 13" - 14" (33 - 36 cm) L
5 = XL 14" - 15" (36 - 38 cm) XL
6 = XXL 15" - 16" (38 - 41 cm) XXL
7 = XXXL 16" - 17" (41 - 43 cm) XXXL

Made from 800 denir non-stretch nylon.

A recent study of over 2,000 high school football players proves that wearing a lace-up ankle brace reduces the incidence of acute ankle injury by 61%. Wearing the brace did not increase the incidence or severity of acute knee injuries or other lower extremity injuries. Bracing also offers a low-cost alternative to athletic tape. (Source: McGuine T.A., Brooks A. AM J Sports Med.2011 "The Effect of Lace-up Ankle Braces on Injury Rates in High School Football Players"). 

Great brace for soccer
My son was playing in a soccer game and fractured his ankle. Ended up having screws put in to help it heal correctly. When the boot was removed he used this for recovery. He plays soccer competitively and now wears the brace 4-5 times per week, and it fits inside his soccer cleat. Says it's supportive - a little loss in flexibility, but very protective for games.
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Brace holds up well
I suffered an ankle strain for 6 weeks and participated in a local obstacle run. My twisted ankle was healing but I wasn't going to tough it out. A runner friend showed me this brace after training one day and said it was worth the cost. I bought it immediately to have it in time. The item arrived quickly and tried it out before the race. It was easy to fit properly and feels almost like a professionally taped ankle. During the race I stepped in ditches and holes. The brace held up well. My ankle felt great and I'd recommend this for athletes running on uneven hills, trails, obstacle races, etc.
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A little hard to put on
I thought it was a little hard to put on. It does give my ankle a tremendous amount of support.
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Sprained my ankle 4 times
I have unfortunately sprained my right ankle 4 times in the past. The orthopedic doctor that saw me this time specializes in feet and ankles. She recommended I wear this type of brace for 1 month for healing and if I go for a hike on uneven/rocky terrain. I have to say my foot and ankle feels fully supported. I feel confident with any type of walking or stairs. I use it now for just hiking. I will most definitely continue to wear it. It's not at all difficult to put on or remove. Just make sure you place your heel all the way back in the rear when applying it (per my surgeon)to get the correct fit.
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SOn loves it...
I bought this for my 14 year old son and he loves it a lot. He prefers the ease of the lacing system for putting it on and says it provides great support.
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Injured my ankle by tearing a ligament...
Recently I injured my ankle by partially tearing a ligament and completely tearing a tendon on the outside of my ankle joint. I wore a tall boot for about 5 weeks then slowly transitioned into this brace on the advice of my doctor. It supports my ankle very well in stabilizing the ankle completely and it has helped provide more confidence while walking with it. I wear it mostly when at the gym or while i'm playing sports. I don't use it with just normal running or jogging. But if I'm going outside to work out or walk then I'm consistently wearing the brace. It dfits inside my tennis shoes but it is just a little bit tight. I bought the size medium and I typically wear a average women's size 9 shoe. It fits snug - a great fit.
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Q&A for Donjoy Stabilizing PRO Ankle Brace

  • From Shaun Murphy
    • Q: Is there a right and left to this brace?
    • A: This is a bilateral brace that is designed to fit both the right or left ankle.
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  • From Sandra G.
    • Q: How do I know what size to get?
    • A: Take a circumference measurement around the base of the heel and the ankle to properly measure for the correct size.
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