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DeRoyal Prolign Back Brace



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Lumbar Back Braces

DeRoyal Prolign Back Brace

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  • Provides compression and stabilization.
  • Orthowick liner draws perspiration away from your body.
  • Has both a panel in the front and rear for better spine stability.
  • Comfortable to wear and effective!


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The DeRoyal PROLign Back Brace is designed to take load sharing off muscles and provide compression and cushioning to soft tissues in your back.  This model features both an anterior and posterior panel, Vel-stretch pull straps and Velcro closures to provide comfort and adjustable support unlike other typical back brace products. The DeRoyal ProLign features an orthowick lining to keep you cool and dry by effectively wicking moisture away from the body. Similar to the effect of a lumbar corset, this back brace provides great overall support, and includes an exercise booklet of suggested exercises along with fitting instructions and general care advice for the product.  The DeRoyal ProLign is appropriate for many conditions ranging from chronic pain to post-surgical use.

DeRoyal ProLign Back Brace Features:

  • Reduces chronic low back pain by providing compression, cushioning & support.
  • Anterior and posterior rigid plastic inserts for optimal support.
  • Posterior and neutral anterior ABS plastic inserts are spot moldable (with heat gun) for custom fit.
  • Orthowick lining (Non-allergenic foam liner) wicks away perspiration.
  • Dual dynamic Vel-Stretch straps provide instant full range adjustments and maximum compression.
  • Plastic D-rings for ease of application.
  • Includes Self Management Guide booklet that provides information about indications, fitting instructions, lumbar stress test information, and suggested strengthening exercises.


Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L0627


PROlign® Back Brace Indications:

  • Chronic Low Back Pain
  • Lumbar Muscle Weakness
  • Lumbar Sprains and Strains
  • Postural Support

DeRoyal Prolign Back Brace

Back Brace Application Instructions:

  • While standing, place compression orthosis so that the plastic piece is centered in the low back area. Loosely secure side velcro closure attachments.
  • Lie in a supine position with your knees comfortably bent (flexed) and hips parallel with shoulders.
  • Adjust the side closure attachments so that they are symmetrical to each other and are equal distance from the center.
  • While still lying down, pull each side strap forward at the same time to tighten the brace evenly and to prevent any torque to the lumbar area of the spine.
  • Once a comfortable level of compression is achieved, secure the pull straps onto the front panel of the brace.

Care Instructions:

  • Remove inserts from front and back panels.
  • Hand wash in cool water with a mild liquid soap. Do not use strong detergents or bleaches - they may harm the elastic.
  • Thoroughly rinse and blot excess water from support with a clean towel.
  • Carefully stretch support into its normal shape and lay flat to dry.
  • DO NOT Iron or use automatic dryer. This will deteriorate elastic.

DeRoyal Prolign Back Brace Reviews

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  1. DeRoyal Prolign Back Brace Review by TECouch

    Hi, I just received the above mentioned back brace today in excellent condition. I will be using it for the first time tomorrow. I anticipate this to be be very satisfying as I have used my son's, which is the identical product. Thanks, Terry Couch

  2. The Super Prolign Review by Linda Watts

    This is the best and firmest support, but you can also sleep in it. And it absolutely supports the back so that it can heal without anything causing the muscles to jerk or tense up at some sudden movement that would ordinarily re-injure the area. I have had this brace for about ten or more years and wouldn't be without it. I lost the last one and am hurrying to replace it.

2 Item(s) Show per page

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  • Q&A for DeRoyal Prolign Back Brace

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    • From Marlyn Shugrue
      • Q: Is this brace designed to be comfortably used while sitting in a chair? It is uncomfortable for me while sitting in a chair or couch.
      • A: Hi Marlyn,

        You might find that loosening the product while sitting might provide additional comfort as the product is mainly worn low over your lower lumbar spine area. Sitting in a chair or couch can nudge the brace upwards causing it to rest in a less than ideal position. You'll find that a simple re-adjusting, once standing again, will properly position the brace again and provide the support that's needed. most brace will migrate out of position when you transition from a standing to a seated position.

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