Seal Tight Original Cast/Bandage Protector

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Seal Tight Original Cast/Bandage Protector
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  • Provides watertight cast protection for showering & bathing.
  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • No strapping, pumps, or velcro closures needed.
  • Every size available for large & small casts.
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Seal Tight Original Cast/Bandage Protector is designed to provide casts of all sizes with waterproof protection while bathing and showering. It features a unique latex-free diaphragm ring to protect your cast from water getting inside while bathing and showering. With the Seal-Tight cast protectors there's no need for messy strapping, pumps, or velcro closures.  Every Seal Tight cast protector features a large size bag for full freedom of movement and ease of use.  Best of all, it won't cause excessive tightness around healing broken bones! The product is made from a polyvinyl material that is durable enough for everyday use and resists scratches, dings, and rips better than the rest.  The Seal Tight cast protector is designed to last 6-8 weeks - the typical time frame for wearing a cast.  

Seal Tight Original Cast/Bandage Protector Features:

  • Watertight protection during showering and bathing.
  • Quick and easy to use application ring eliminates the need for strapping, pumps or a velcro closures.
  • Non-latex diaphragm stretches easily over the cast or bandage to form a waterproof seal.
  • Durable polyvinyl cover prevents water penetration.
  • Reusable - With normal care, lasts 6 - 8 weeks of daily usage.
  • NOTE: Due to the sanitary standards for medical products, any item that has been used may not be returned unless defective.

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The Seal Tight Cast Protectors keeps casts and walking boots waterproof during:

  • Therapeutic care and daily showering or bathing activities.
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Seal Tight Cast Protector


This item is latex free and lead free.

  Seal Tight Cast Protector Application Instructions:

  • If using with a cast, file or sand down any rough edges of the cast before applying the Seal-Tight castcover. 
  • Hold the plastic ring and gently pull it up over the cast, bandage or boot.
  • Once covered, push the plastic ring back slightly to form a good seal.
  • After bathing, wipe dry the diaphragm with a soft towel before removing. NOTE: Do not pull on the cover to remove it - this will likely cause product failure.
Dry Cast in the Tub
This is easy to use, works well and is much more convenient than trying to wrap your casted arm up in a big plastic (garbage) bag! Without this, I would have needed to give up my "soak in the tub and let the stress melt away" sessions that I so need after my job as a 911 Operator.
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Brown Cast Covers
I used this product and felt safe that my cast wouldn't get wet and ruined. Worth every penny! Thank you for this awesome online business.
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