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Breg Polar Care 500 Accessories



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Breg Cold Therapy

Breg Polar Care 500 Accessories

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Image Product Name Price Qty
Wrap-On Pad, Knee
Wrap-On Pad, Knee - L
Wrap-On Pad, Knee - XL
Wrap-On Pad, Universal Shoulder
Wrap-On Pad, Universal Shoulder - XL
Wrap-On Pad, Multi-Use - XL
Wrap-On Pad, Multi-Use - XL Long Stem
Wrap-On Pad, Back w/Long Straps
Wrap-On Pad, Ankle
Wrap-On Pad, Hand/Wrist
Polar Pad, Knee/Shoulder
Polar Pad, Knee/Shoulder - Sterile
Polar Wrap, Shoulder (no wrap-on pad)- S/M
Polar Wrap, Shoulder (no wrap-on pad) - L/XL
Polar Dressing, Shoulder (Also used with XL knee pad)
Dressing, Multi-Use - XL
Dressing, Small Ankle and Hand/Wrist
Dressing, Back
Polar Dressing, Knee
Breg "Y" Adapter
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* Non-returnable merchandise

  • Genuine Breg Polar Care 500 replacement parts.
  • Largest selection of WrapOn pads and more.
  • All items stocked for immediate shipping.
  • We have a limited supply of parts left for this product which has been recently discontinued - see our notes below.


Our Breg Polar Care 500 Accessoriesare all original, factory sealed replacements parts designed to keep your cold therapy unit running smoothly. Below you will find all types of Breg Polar Care 500 parts like Y adaptors, WrapOn Pads, Polar Pads, Polar Wraps, and dressings for your existing system.  Please note: The Polar Care 500 was discontinued March 2012 and we have a limited remaining supply of parts available. We are all out of replacement pumps, transformers and bowties for existing units. If yours has finally given up the ghost then you'll need to get a new unit - a comparable model is the new Breg Polar Care Glacier.

Our replacement parts are all genuine Breg Polar Care 500 parts straight from Breg and work on both old and new units.  

Looking for a new system instead? Click Breg Polar Care 500 to purchase a  new combo system (unit + pad).

WrapOn Polar Pads: The Breg WrapOn Polar Pads are very durable, with polyether urethane sheets that are ultrasonically welded for strength. They are Latex-free for allergic patients. Ergonomic straps keep the pad in place and as an added benefit, they provide compression. See sizing chart tab below for specifics.

  • Knee (Regular)
  • Knee (Large)
  • Knee (XL)
  • Shoulder (Universal)
  • Shoulder (XL Universal)
  • Back with Long Straps
  • Ankle
  • Multi-Use (XL)
  • Multi-Use (XL, Long Stem)
  • Hand/Wrist

Polar Pads: Similar to the WrapOn Polar Pads but the Polar Pads are more economical. They have a strap system to keep the pad in place, so typically you would use a Polar Wrap or elastic bandage to secure the pad around the body part that needs the cold therapy. 

  • Polar Pad Choices: Sterile Knee/Shoulder (02330) or Non-Sterile Knee/Shoulder (02320).

Polar Wraps: For use with a Breg Polar Pad to secure the Polar Pad to the joint that is being treated.

  • Polar Wraps: Shoulder S/M (02653) or Shoulder L/XL (02655) - designed to hold the sterile or non sterile knee/shoulder polar pad in place on your shoulder.

Polar Dressings:

For a sterile moisture barrier between your skin and the pad, Polar Dressings can be used in conjunction with a WrapOn Pad or a Polar Pad. The manufacturer recommends using a polar dressing sterile barrier to protect your skin from extreme cold (ie: cryo burn) when using a Breg cold therapy system. (NOTE: Wrap-On Pads are not classified as "sterile" and are not intended to be a substitute for a sterile barrier).

  • Ankle
  • Back 
  • Knee/Shoulder 
  • Multi-Use 
  • Multi-Use XL

Additional Accessories & Replacement Parts

  • Y Adaptor (07640): The Y adaptor plugs right into the end of the hose where the Wrap-On pad normally plugs in. Two pads can then be attached and used at the same time. Perfect for bilateral knee surgeries.

Read before purchasing this product:

I am currently under the treatment of a physician who has prescribed this part/accessory. I will read and carefully follow the manufacturer's directions provided with the unit/part. I understand that I will assume all responsibility for the use/misuse of this item. I will contact my physician immediately in the case of any untoward reactions caused by use of this cold therapy device. I understand that is only a distributor of the product and in no way assumes responsibility for any injury it may cause due to malfunction, misuse, inappropriate application, or other reason. Furthermore, cannot provide specific details as to the product's application or use, other than is provided in the product documentation, developed by this product manufacturer. By clicking "Add To Cart" you certify that the above statement(s) is/are true. Please click to see our cold therapy retrun policy.

Please Note: Cold therapy parts come in contact with water which may contain bacteria, and come in contact with skin/incisions. By regulations, we cannot accept returns on cold therapy units/parts unless there is a problem with their operation. 


  • Ffluid build up (Swelling).
  • Reduce pain or inflammation.

Breg Polar Care 500 Accessories

  • Polar Care 500 Systems are built to provide cold therapy for 8 to 11 hours without having to refill the ice or water.
  • The 500 unit weighs 5 lbs when empty and 21 lbs when filled with ice and water.

Breg Polar Care 500 Accessories Reviews

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  1. Dani's Soccer Team Review by Dani Smeade

    Awesome that you have accessories for these Breg Polar Care units. Our soccer team keeps a few of them in action and it helps to be able to order just the pads and such. I've bookmarked your website and am gonna order many more in the future!

  2. Life saver Review by M Nagel

    Very excited to see you can order replacement parts. My bowtie bracket lasted through 2 ACL reconstructions and 1 rotator cuff repair. It broke just before my 2nd rotator cuff repair was scheduled and arrived just in time for my surgery. That was over the course of 2 years! Unit still works amazing. Thanks for being a lifesaver for me!!

2 Item(s) Show per page

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  • Q&A for Breg Polar Care 500 Accessories

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    • From Bruce Murrish
      • Q: The pump has stopped working. Can they be repaired?
      • A: Hi Bruce,

        Replacement pumps are no longer manufactured for the Polar Care 500 and neither are parts for them. A comparable product to look at as a replacement with the same size capacity cooler would be the Breg Polar Care Glacier

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