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Aircast SP, FP, XP Walker Aceessories, Pumps, Liners, Socks, Wedges



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Cam Walker Liners

Aircast SP, FP, XP Walker Accessories, Pumps, Liners, Socks, Wedges

USD 01PDx/01Ax/01Fx

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Image Product Name Price Qty
Aircast SP or FP Walker Replacement Air Bulb
Aircast XP Walker Air Bulb
Aircast Tube Stretch Sock Liner for Aircast Walkers
SP Liner with Insole, S
SP Liner with Insole, M
SP Liner with Insole, L
SP Liner with Insole, XL
FP Walker Liner with Insole, S
FP Walker Liner with Insole, M
FP Walker Liner with Insole, L
FP Walker Liner with Insole, XL
Aircast Standard Heel Wedges Right (set of 5)
Aircast XL Heel Wedges Right (set of 3)
Aircast Standard Heel Wedges Left (set of 5)
Aircast XL Heel Wedges Left (set of 3)
Walking Brace Extension Straps (set of 3)
Pad kit for XP- S
Pad kit for XP- M
Pad kit for XP- L
Pad kit for XP- XL
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  • Replacement liners for every model boot.
  • Walker inflation bulbs for all aircast walkers.
  • Soft extra tall white boot sock.
  • Heel wedges for achilles tendon support.


Above you'll find Aircast SP, FP, XP Walker accessories such as hand pump bulbs and liners to replace the one you have.  The Aircast SP, FP, XP line of walker boots feature inflatable bladders inside the liners that can be adjusted with a hand bulb for increased comfort and a superior fit. Here's where you'll find replacement bulbs and new foam liners to keep your boot performing like new. Be sure to see our sizing chart tab first for all sizing information for these different accessories before ordering.

Pad kit: Achilles Cushion, Toe Cover, Insole (not Impax or Plastizote), Double Sided Tape for Insole, Heel Insert, Upper Back Pad, Front Shin Pad, Sock, Hand Bulb, Anterior and Posterior Air Cell, Instruction Manual. Does Not Include Distill Green Aircell.

Aircast Walker Pump Bulbs:

  • 0120 works for the Aircast XP walker.
  • 1120SC is for the Aircast SP (short pneumatic) or Aircast FP (foam pneumatic) walkers.

Aircast Boot Sock (0129A): Another accessory item to consider is the Aircast Boot Sock. This extra tall white cotton/polyester/lycra sock works as a soft barrier between your leg and the boot, to reduce skin irritation. It comes up to the knee and helps to keep the top edge of the boot from rubbing on your upper calf. The sock can be folded down. It is 20" long, one-size-fits-all adults, and is sold as one sock - not a pair.

SP or FP Walker Liner with Insole: For long term use, a fresh liner and insole is available for all Aircast SP (short Pneumatic) and FP (Foam Pneumatic) walkers. Choose the appropriate liner to correspond to the size and model boot that you have.

XP Walker Liner: Replacement Liner for the XP walker. Order the same size liner as the boot size.

Aircast Walker Heel Wedges: For additional Achilles tendon protection, heel wedges can be stacked on top of each other to achieve a specific heel rise. For example, three heel wedges provides 22 degrees of heel raise, two heel wedges will give you 16 degrees and using just one heel wedge equals 10 degrees of heel raise.
These felt-covered inserts are specifically contoured to be used for the right or left foot, so you must choose a set based on the side that is wearing a boot. Heel wedges are indicated for patients who have undergone an achilles repair procedure or have limited post-operative dorsiflexion. For boot sizes Small, Medium or Large, the wedges come in a set of 5. For XL boots, the wedges come in a set of 3.

Walking Brace Extension Straps (set of 3) Part #01159: Patients with a bit of a wider calf or a lot of swelling can benefit from purchasing the extension strap kit to increase the boot strap length by 4 inches.

And finally, if your boot is old and beyond the point of no return, then click here to see our selection of new Aircast boot products for a brand new replacement.


  • Heel wedges are indicated for achilles tendon protection, percutanous and open achillorrhaphy.
  • The sock can be used for sensitive skin to avoid irritation from possible friction when wearing a boot.
  • BULBS: Choose 0120 for XP walkers or 1120SC for SP and FP walkers.
  • SOCK: One size fits all adults. Sold as a single sock (not a pair).
  • HEEL WEDGES: Select Left or Right. For small, medium or large boots, you will receive a set of 5. For an XL boot, the set is only 3 wedges.
  • LINERS: Order according to the size and type of boot that you have, as follows:
Boot Model Boot Type Mens Shoe Size Ladies Shoe Size Brace Height Max. Foot Width at toes Maximum Calf Circumference Liner Model
 01A-S Short Pneumatic  4-7  5-8  7.75"  or 19.7cm  4.312" (11cm)  boot does not cover calf  0197SP
 01A-M Short Pneumatic  7-10  8-11  8.25" or 21cm  4.687" (12cm)  boot does not cover calf  0198SP
 01A-L Short Pneumatic  10-13  11-15  9.5" or 24cm  5.25" (13cm)  boot does not cover calf  0199SP
 01A-XL Short Pneumatic  13+  15+  9.5" or 24cm  5.63" (14cm)  boot does not cover calf  25-9991
01F-S Foam Pneumatic - Tall 4-7 5-8 12.5" or 32cm 4.5" (12cm)  14" (36cm)  0197R
01F-M Foam Pneumatic - Tall 7-10 8-11 13.75" or 35cm 5" (12.7cm)  16" (41cm)  0198R
01F-L Foam Pneumatic - Tall 10-13 11-15 14.875"  or 38cm 5.5" (14cm)  26" (66cm)  0199R
01F-XL Foam Pneumatic - Tall 13+ 15+ 17.0" or 64cm 5.63" (14.3cm)  26" (66cm)  0200
 01P-S  Extra Pneumatic - Tall  4-7  5-8  12.5" or 32cm  4.5" (12cm)  14" (36cm)  0178R
 01P-M  Extra Pneumatic - Tall  7-10  8-11  13.75" or 35cm  5" (12.7cm)  16" (41cm)  0176R
 01P-L  Extra Pneumatic - Tall  10-13  11-15  14.875" or 38cm  5.5" (14cm)  26" (66cm)  0177R
 01P-XL  Extra Pneumatic - Tall  13+  15+  17.0" or 64cm  5.63" (14.3cm)  26" (66cm)  0111P + 0110XL

Aircast SP, FP, XP Walker Accessories, Pumps, Liners, Socks, Wedges Reviews

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  1. SP Walker accessories Review by Louise St Claire

    I lost the inflation air bulb for my Aircast SP Walker and couldn't find any replacement bulbs anywhere else. I came across this website and found that these prices couldn't be beaten. So I went ahead and purchased three air bulbs and three boot socks. I was simply impressed that the items that I ordered shipped out the same day! WOW! Great customer service and shipping department.

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